Wednesday 30 August 2017

Ugandan government begins work on blocking access to pornography

Porn lovers in Uganda have been dealt a big blow after the country’s government revealed a committee has started work to shut down access to porn.
According to Uganda’s Ethics Minister, Simon Lokodo, the drive to keep porn from the public will take off with immediate effect.
Lokodo blamed the alarming increase of homosexuality, teenage pregnancy, drug abuse and more to the availability of sexually explicit materials.
He also classified pornography as ‘one of the deadliest moral disease in the country’, adding that $500m would be set aside yearly for this.
‘The nine-member investigation team will be outfitted with ‘top-end gadgets’ to monitor or intercept the downloading, watching, sharing or transmission of pornographic material,’ he said.
Lokodo continued, ‘Inspectors will be assigned to conduct on-the-spot checks for pornographic material.
‘The team will also be supported by 30 to 40 technical and administrative staff and anyone caught distributing or using pornographic material would be handed over to the police.’

Source: TheNETng

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