Tuesday 19 September 2017

Selena Gomez gets over $30 Million from Puma footwear campaign deal

Selena Gomez is set to join forces with Puma as she will appear in the brand's upcoming women's footwear campaign for the Phenom. Gomez, who recently revealed she had a kidney transplant, wrote on her Instagram page “Officially a part of the fam @puma #pumapartner

In her public statement, she said “Puma has changed the game when it comes to the mash-up of athletic wear and fashion, It's amazing to see this influence on style and culture and I'm excited to be a part of it. I am hoping that we can create something special together. We already have some really cool projects in the works.”

A source says Gomez is making over $30 million for the deal, which is to last two years.

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