Tuesday 19 September 2017

The Walking Dead Season 8 Might Be The Best Season Yet

Danai Gurira who plays fan-favourite character Michonne has come out to say that The Walking Dead season 8 will be totally different from what’s come before.

The actress also went on to explain how the events of season 8 blew her and the rest of the cast away. She promises that each major character’s storylines will be deepened, with a lot of human drama rung out of the various conflicts that’ll develop.

She said “We don’t tend to tread the same ground twice. It is a deeply different season premiere deeply, deeply different and unpredictable and very, very rich in the story that’s being told and powerfully acted and all of that. That’s what’s amazing about the writers of the show, is that they don’t tread the same ground. So you can’t be prepared for it. If you thought, ‘Well, I’ve seen this, I’ve seen that, so I can be prepared for what’s coming next’ — no, you can’t. You won’t be prepared. It’s like nothing before. We’ve all been knocked clear off our feet, and there’s just so many ways everybody’s story is expanded and deepened and sharpened. And the clashes that we’re in take turns no one’s going to expect. And at the same time, it remains palpably human, you know? It’s definitely a season that is going to knock everyone off their feet. That, I can guarantee you.”

The Walking Dead returns to our screens for its 100th episode on October 22nd.

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