Friday 27 October 2017

#AHAlbumReview: A review of the 'Better Late Than Never' album by Yung L [@YungLMrmarley]

Artiste: Yung L
Album: Better Late Than Never (BLTN)
Tracks: 16 (+3 bonuses)
Features: R2bees, Mr. Marley, Sarkodie, Uncle Charile, Poe, Sholala
Producers: Tuc and Chopstix
If you know about Yung L's musical journey then you would understand why he named his debut album Better Late Than Never, it been a long time coming and the former G.R.I.P Boiz singer has finally released his debut album and this is coming under Chocolate City.

This album house a total of 19 tracks with 2 skit and 3 bonus track and without wasting your time let’s take you on the musical journey of Yung L. let's see if it truly not late for him to impress us.

Where You Dey ft. Uncle Charile kicks off the album and in as much it was a brilliant way to start the album as the song introduced us to the king of song and melody to expect but that small skit before the song starts proper wasn’t really needed, if anything, it should have just been a standalone skit but aside that the song did well and the Tuc produced track will have an 8/10

Chopstix kick off his production work on this album with the song Nina and I have to say this is reggae in it's finest. Talk about that true Jamaican melody then this is the jam to slam, the rating will be 10.  

Superman ft. Mr. Marley is the third and this is another Chopstix produced track and I have to say the sounds here is dope, the chorus and the verse blends very well with beat, Yung L again made sure the progression kicks going high, the rating will be 8/10.

Suzzy ft. R2bees reminds me of those olden days reggae galala sound as Yung L and R2bees came through on this Chopstix produced song. Though I have to say the beat sounded very familiar just that I can’t place which song it from but like I said it's a very popular reggae sound so maybe it’s just me. The rating will be 8/10

The sixth song on the album which happens to be one of the best songs on the album is Pressure ft. Sarkodie x Jaij Hollands. The Tuc produced has this up-tempo bouncing beat that will leave shaking your body all through the song and that conga dropping on beat is just dope. The rating will be a perfect 10

Yung L brings down the tempo on this track titled Anya as he went in a smooth melodious tone on a beautiful matching band song beat from Tuc and once again that conga sound is infused in this song, the rating for the song will be 8/10.

Gbewa is the only track on the official track list that was released before the album as the song was used to promote the coming of the album and like we already know it was well received as it is a brilliant song and the rating will still remain 9/10

Migrate is the 9th track on the album, the song starts with a low feeling but as it progressed it picked up and ended well. The rating will be 8/10

Sensi is another Chopstix produced track and somehow this song has come to be my favourite song off the album, I like the sweet smooth melody of the song and the instrumentals, the rating will be 8/10

If am not being sentimental this is the best song on this album, Yung L took me by storm with this song Shupe, from the production to the melody and of course the highlife infused instrumental, a;; was on point and the guitar strings can’t just be ignored. This song is dope and the rating will be a perfect 10. 

Pinpinda is another beautifully crafted highlife infused song, the production had a major part to play in this song, TUC went really strong with arrangement of the instrumentals of this song, this is another 10/10 song, brilliantly done. 

One Shot is next. TUC really needs to be applauded for the great work he did on this album and as expected Yung L also came on through, this is another great jam that will have you shaking your body. The rating for One Shot will be 9/10.

I am not sure I am going to say much about the next song because I have always said you can’t go wrong when you do a worship song and that's exactly what Buru Halleluyah is all about, the only thing I will add I that is didn’t know Yung L can sound this good with Igbo melody, I didn’t even know he speaks Igbo. The rating will be 9/10.

For a debut album I will say Yung L didn’t just do well, he met my expectation as this is a great body of work and the total rating will be 8.2/10. Yung L is also the same person as Mr. Marley just in case some of you might be wondering. 

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