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Exclusive Interview With Winner Miss Radiant Nigeria 2017, Queen Adenubi Adetola Olajumoke

The Miss Radiant Nigeria 2017 beauty pageant held on 24th Septembers 2017 in Lagos in all it's glits and glamour. Absolute Hearts Media in our usual style caught up with the winner of the pageant, Queem Adetola Adenubi, in an interview and she revealed how she made the decision to contest for the pageant, how her parents took it when she decided to contest and so on. Read below:
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Absolute Hearts: Can we meet you?

Queen Adetola: I'm Adenubi Adetola Olajumoke, a student of Lagos State University (LASU) studying Biochemistry

Absolute Hearts: What can you tell us about your background?

Queen Adetola: I'm from a family of 5, the last of 3 kids and a native of Ogun State, Ijebu Igbo to be precise.

Absolute Hearts: What are you hobbies?

Queen Adetola: My hobbies are reading, singing and meeting people.

Absolute Hearts: What are your likes and dislikes?

Queen Adetola: I like people being transparent and honest, I dislike anything ungodly

Absolute Hearts: What are you passionate about?

Queen Adetola: One of my greatest passions is helping others

Absolute Hearts: Tell us your fashion style

Queen Adetola: Well, comfort first, I wear anything that fits well and also looks nice.

Absolute Hearts: Have you ever contested in any pageant before?

Queen Adetola Yea I have, a pageant in my school (LASU) “Miss Fresher” which I emerged the winner
Absolute Hearts: So was that what motivated you to go for Miss Radiant Nigeria?

Queen Adetola: I would say yes and also I have this strong thing about helping others and I felt Miss Radiant Nigeria was just the right platform I need

Absolute Hearts: Did your parent give you the support you need?

Queen Adetola: Yes, they've always given me the support I need and I'm thankful

Absolute Hearts: Tell us what the experience has been like?

Queen Adetola: It’s just 2 weeks after I've been crowned Miss Radiant Nigeria 2017 and it's been fun, the camp was amazing, met with wonderful ladies and I must commend the organizers for the lovely platform

Absolute Hearts: What's was the camping experience like, mixing with other girls you didn't know, how were you able to bond?

Queen Adetola: It was easier than I thought, tolerating people is one thing I do easily

Absolute Hearts: At the grand finale what was your expectation?

Queen Adetola: Really, I was hoping the judges make the right decision and the best girl wins

Absolute Hearts: So say you were not crowned the winner, would you have felt bad and who will you have rooted for?

Queen Adetola: If I wasn't crowned of course it's not the end of life, I will continue working and praying harder. On who I will have rooted for, that's hard because any other contestant could have gotten it, I mean ANYONE

Absolute Hearts: With your crown comes a lot of responsibilities, how do you intend to deal with it?

Queen Adetola: Yea I know but with the help of God, hard work, commitment and good timing, everything will be fine.

Absolute Hearts: What your take on feminism?

Queen Adetola: One thing I've come to understand is “Nobody gives you power, you just take it”. Men are from earth, women are from earth which makes us equal.

Absolute Hearts: Some Nigerian celebrities have been a victim of domestic violence, what do have to say about that?

Queen Adetola: I think celebrities will continue to be victims of domestic violence if they don't voice out

Absolute Hearts: Where do you see yourself in the nearest future?

Queen Adetola: I see myself being part of the most successful women in Lagos, Nigeria, Africa and the world at large

Absolute Hearts: What advice will you give to young girls that might be looking up to you or want to be a beauty queen like you?

Queen Adetola: I will advise them to be humble, work hard and stay committed to whatever they do. They should avoid distractions and also be patient because Rome wasn’t built in a day

Absolute Hearts: Thank you very much for your time, once again congratulations

Queen Adetola: Thank you and you are welcome.

Interviewed was conducted by Abdulhafeez “HaFeesto’Nova” Onitilo for Absolute Hearts Media

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