Thursday 19 October 2017

Former England captain Terry Butcher heartbroken after losing his son Christopher

Terry Butcher a former England captain has said he is shocked after the death of his son Christopher aged 35. Butcher said his son's life had been tragically cut short and described him as a dedicated captain in the British Army after serving in Afghanistan with the Royal Artillery.
A statement signed by the Butcher family including Christopher's widow Laura said “Chris 'Butch' Butcher was a beloved son, brother and husband. He was a formidable and true friend and a remarkable, loyal leader and soldier. Chris was a dedicated captain in the British Army and we are all so proud of everything that he gave for his country. Chris was a larger than life character whose personality, laughter and compassion touched the hearts of all who were fortunate to know him. He always put others before himself and was a true and trusted brother-in-arms. His life has been so tragically cut short, but we will cherish and treasure the memories we all shared, forever.”
The Butcher family thanked people for the overwhelming number of messages following his death on Monday, which they said were a testament to how much love and respect surrounded Chris.

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