Monday 16 October 2017

How 9ice Reclaimed His Throne With These Songs

I remember the first time I heard the vocals of 9ice way back in 2007 even though I couldn’t understand what he was saying but I fell in love with his melody because he sounded different and when he released his street hit song G**ja Man I knew he was destined for greatest.  
9ice became a global brand the moment the song Gonso Aso was released and from that moment onward he has gone on to win numerous awards both local and international though I am sure fans are still hoping he gets that Grammy he promised us. 9ice' success in the Nigerian music industry won’t be well said if credits aren’t given to the mastermind himself, ID Cabasa producer extraordinary, he produced all the major songs on the Gongo Aso and Tradition album.

No doubt after 5 albums 9ice was already a legend in the music industry as his record can speak for itself, he became the first Nigerian artiste to release Two Successful Album at the same time, Versus and Bashorun Gaa which were is fourth and fifth album, Certificate was the first.

They say getting to the top is easy but staying at the top is the hardest, and 9ice wasn’t an exemption to this saying, of course we all know the Whole Once Bitten Twice Shy story and how 9ice began to struggle musically though it has to be said that after the whole Ruggedman issue and split with Cabasa, 9ice still went ahead to prove he has what it takes as he released two album at the same time yet again. 

Though these albums CNN and GRA didn’t gain much attention as expected, this was due to the fact that the quality of his music had dropped, his sweet melodious vocals wasn’t appealing anymore and also his attention was divided as he now had his mind on becoming an Honourable in Oyo state as he went into politics.

First forward to post politics, after losing his election, 9ice decides it was time to come back to the music scene, being a legend that shouldn’t be hard but that wasn’t the case as 9ice found it hard to break back into the music scene but gradually like an upcoming artiste he kept giving us singles after singles and before we knew it Living Things became a national anthem and his comeback album ID Cabasa was a hit. 

Before the album, these five songs were solely responsible for making 9ice claim back his throne
1.      Aiye Familete: This song had everything 9ice is known for and this is one was one of his best song for the year 2015.  When I heard this song I knew that the Gongo Aso 9ice was back but then again I kept mute not to get my hopes high.

2.      Economy: Produced by DJ Coublon, this for me is the best 9ice' song I have heard since 2014, 9ice went in really had on this one as you could feel that fire and energy we had known him for and of course DJ Coublon did an excellent work on the production.

3.      Ogaraa: When I listened to this song, I knew this song had all those element that had been missing from 9ice' previous songs and I knew this was him getting his grove back.

4.      Glass House: Another DJ Coublon produced song, I mean after what he did with Economy, it was only natural for 9ice to return to DJ Coublon for another song and of course once again Coublon was able to help him out.

5.      Living Things: The video of this song is 9ice' most viewed video on YouTube with 2.4million views as at the time of writing this article, so there is no need to tell you what a hit this song is. Credit has to go to Young John for coming through for the production of this song.

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