Wednesday 4 October 2017

EXCLUSIVE: Reports and Photos From Miss Radiant Nigeria 2017

On the 24th of September 2017 the whole of Lagos were at a standstill as Barthorns Entertainment organizers of Miss Radiant Nigeria 2017 (The Prime Impression) unveiled a new Queen.
The event which was held at Bespoke Center Lekki, was a night of glamour and glitz as beautiful people across all works of life gather to witness the crowning of the first Miss Radiant Nigeria. 

From celebrities to media house down to paparazzi, the guest at the event were given a night to remember. Popular Nollywood actor, Adeniyi Johnson, Beauty Queen Veronica Chidimma, Mr Universe Francis Beacon were some of the celebrities that were spotted on the night and some of the media houses that grace the event includes your truly Absolute Hearts Media, other media houses were Galaxy Television, Very Best Media, Hip TV, Elixir TV etc.

The event kicked off with a red carpet session which was also covered by Absolute Hearts Media's content creator, Hafeez Onitilo (popularly known as HaFeesto’Nova) - red carpet video will be on our YouTube channel soon - and immediately after the red carpet the pageant started proper.

Just as the organizers had promised it was indeed a night full of amazing and mind blowing performances as different artistes and comedians grace the stage to wow the guests.

The real attraction started when the contestants were introduced to the guests as they filed out in their numbers for the choreography dance and the atmosphere was really amplified as the guests cheered the contestants.  

After that, a series of musical and comedy performances took place then the girls returned to the stage with their cultural attires showcasing the different tribes and cultures we have in Nigeria in the most beautiful way. It was also at the stage the contestant were given the opportunity to introduce themselves and the state they represented.

Before the return of contestants in their dinner gown, awards were given out to sponsors and brands that contributed to the success of the event. Absolute Hearts Media  was honoured with an Award of Excellence for our media support towards the success of the event. Adeniyi Johnson was also given the Nollywood Actor of the Year award.

Finally the girls returned with their dinner gown and after their catwalk the whole hall was tension filled as it was time for the judges to reveal the top ten contestants and the judges did a very good job as the guests were pleased with their pick. 

At this stage the tension got really intense as the judges made it clear that all the top ten contestants are potential winners but only one will be fortunate enough to wear the crown.

Before the winner was revealed, the guest artiste Jumabee graced the stage and the guests went wild as he gave a very energetic performance. After that, the guests were once again thrown into an emotional atmosphere as the judges were about to reveal the top three contestants.

Awards were first given to some of the contestants: 
Miss Radiant Nigeria Congeniality went to Adewumni Rasheeda (Miss Ekiti), 
Miss Radiant Nigeria Top ModelSusan Garland (Miss Akwa-ibom
Miss Radiant Nigeria Amity –Akanbi Rachael (Miss Kwara) 
Miss Radiant Nigeria Charismatic -Adetunji Becca (Miss Lagos) 
Miss Radiant Nigeria Personality – Jessie Umar (Miss Kaduna) 
Miss Radiant Nigeria Photogenic – Onyemere Winniefred (Miss Imo) 
Best Diner Gown – Alenhke Diamond (Miss Edo) and 
Best Traditional attir e– Adetunji Becca (Miss Lagos)

Finally the moment we were all waiting for came, after what seemed to look like a heated debate amongst the judges the top three contestants were announced. Yetunde Gbolarumi (Miss Oyo) was announced as the 2nd runner up making her Miss Radiant Nigeria Tourism, Ezeani Stephanie (Miss Anambra) was 1st runner up and was crowned Miss Radiant Nigeria Universe and the last girl standing beating 32 other divas Adetola Adenubi (Miss Kogi) emerges as the winner becoming Miss Radiant Nigeria World 2017 (MRN) and the owner of a brand new car. 

Winner, Miss Radiant Nigeria with her car
See award plague represented to Absolute Hearts Media below:

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