Thursday 12 October 2017

Shocking Details About Disney Movies You Never Thought Of

If you’re a fan of Disney Movies then you already know that Disney has a reputation for taking questionable fairy tales and novels, cutting out all the darkness to make them appetizing for kids but I am not hear to talk about that.
In this article I will be pointing out some of the details in Disney Movies that most people miss, for example how exactly is Simba and Nala related?
Aright without further ado let's get into it

1.      Prince Charming Not Remembering What Cinderella Looks Like
We all know the whole Cinderella story probably one of the best love movies from Disney but haven’t you stop to wonder how come Prince Charming didn’t remember what Cinderella looks like that he had to rely on her shoe size just to find her?.

I mean come to think of it, that part doesn’t really make any sense, I mean Charming falls totally in love with Cinderalla on sight but when it was time to find her again, he can’t remember what she looks like, so he needs every girl in the kingdom to try on a glass shoe so that he can recognize her, like really?

Yeah I get, it was a fairy tale movie which is understandable with the original 1950s animated movie, but it’s surprising that part wasn’t clarified much in 2015’s live-action remake, which otherwise aimed to add some meat to the bare bones of the story.

2.      The Age of Pocahontas
First thing first for those of you that don’t know Pocahontas was actually a derogatory nickname meaning spoiled child. Anyway this is another classic Disney movie I personal enjoyed but I find it very weird when I learnt the truth behind the fiction.

In 1995’s Pocahontas, Matoaka (a Native American princess) falls for the dashing British soldier John Smith. The film showcased them in the classic Romeo and Juliet scenario of being from two warring communities but in real life things weren’t quite so sweet.

When John Smith first came to America, Matoaka is documented to be somewhere between 10 and 12-years-old and as such there was no romance between them and to be fair, the character in the film is clearly a lot older than 12. However, once you know the hard historical facts, you just can’t see the movie’s romance between Pocahontas and John Smith as anything other than weird.

3.      The Lion King’s Simba And Nala Are Siblings
Without a doubt The Lion King remains one of the best if not the best cartoon movie by Disney has. Though what I am about say might seem a bit shocking but it's the truth which isn’t that hard to see, Simba and Nala are half-siblings.

The Lion King depicts Mufasa leading a pride of female lionesses then there’s also Scar the secondary male who is out of favour from society. The only conclusion to be drawn, then, is that Mufasa is the father of all the young lion cubs we see in the movie including Simba’s future wife, Nala.

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