Wednesday 15 November 2017

5 Hacks To Prevent You From Being Pick-pocketed When You Travel

When you are travelling, you naturally want to relax and enjoy your trip. However, letting your guard down can make you a target by thieves and other unscrupulous elements. Before, you know it, your wallet and other valuables have disappeared! While there is little or nothing you can do to stop pickpockets from stealing, there are ways you can avoid being a victim. Here are precautions you should take to avoid being pick-pocketed.

Avoid keeping valuables in your back pocket
The ultimate advice to escape being pick-pocketed is to avoid keeping your valuables in your back pocket. In fact, to be completely safe, store money and passports in a money belt. Wear this around your waist and under your shirt. The only way anyone can get your money is to attack you!

Don't act like a tourist
This may be difficult because you are visiting an unfamiliar destination. Some of the things you can do to blend-in include not being too extravagant in your appearance, always act like you know where you're going and be careful when you handle money.

Obey your instincts
Never hesitate to cross the street, stop, turn around and do whatever is necessary to get away from someone who looks like trouble or seems to be trailing you. Your instinct is right most times, so don't ignore it.

Shorten bag straps
Don't allow your bags and purses to dangle below your waist. Adjust the strap so that it is close to your elbow. If you allow it to dangle, it can easily be cut!

Be wary in crowds
The truth is that it is almost impossible to completely avoid crowded places, but you can be extra careful when walking through crowds. Keep your bag close to your body. Also, if you're carrying a backpack wear it in front.

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