Wednesday 22 November 2017

#AHAlbumReview: Reviewing the 'Lagos Nawa. album by Olamide @olamide_YBNL

Absolute Hearts Album Review
Artiste: Olamide
Album: Lagos Nawa
Tracks: 17
Features: Phyno, Timaya, Tiwa Savage and Reminisce
Producers: Young John and Olamide

Olamide released his 7th studio album on the 17/11/2017 and the 17 track album is titled Lagos Nawa (Wobey Sound) with solo production credits going to Young John (The Wicked Producer) except from a track produced by Olamide himself. The album features the likes of Timaya, Tiwa Savage, Reminisce and of course Phyno.

So without further ado let’s have a feel of what the Wobey Sound sounds like:

Fe Nu Shey Street kicks off the album and Olamide use this song to talk about how hard he has been hustling and how God had his back, in this song we hear Olamide switching from singing to rapping though majorly singing. Not a strong track to kick off the album but at the same time it’s not all bad, as the rating will be 7/10

Next is Radio Lagos and on this one Olamide switched up his style as he went straight rap on us. For those saying Olamide doesn’t know how to rap again well this will clear your doubts as the rapper went back to basics giving us a full rap song and of course it will be unfair not to applaud Young John for the production of this song. The rating will be 8/10

Yagaga is my favourite song on this album as we hear Olamide sing on a piano inspired instrumental. If you like Melo Melo than you’ll definitely rock to this, this is a far better and an upgraded sound and Young John really came through on production of this song and the rating will be 9/10.

The One is another love song but on this one we hear Olamide rap on another brilliant production coming from Young John though I have to say the baseline tone on this song sounds so familiar, I just can’t place it. Not to take anything away from this song, Olamide once again came through with his gangster kind of rap, the rating will be 8/10

Oro Paw Paw is the fifth song on this album and once again Olamide goes into his singing mood on another lovely production, this song will also have an 8/10 rating as Olamide came through. 

Bend It Over, if I am to be honest I will say this is the best song off this album, Young John really over-did himself with the production of this song, this is dancehall music on another level. Olamide once again switched from singing to rapping on this one as Timaya and Reminisce also came through taking the song to another level. The rating will be 10/10.

Olamide gives us a feel of his production skills on Shine as this song was produced by Baddo himself. With Shine we hear Olamide going back to that rap style that made us fell in love with him, rapping without a chorus in between going on for 2 minutes and 30 seconds. Like I said for those saying Olamide has lost his rapping flows, this is another song that will definitely change your mind and as for the production I will give him a pass mark, he did a decent job as the total rating for this song will be 8/10

SaysayMaley is another well produced song coming from Young John as the instrumentals and the conga sounds of this sweet lamba song can’t just be ignored. This song will have a 9/10 rating as Olamide really came through on this one, once again we hear him singing all through. 

On Mo Je Dodo we finally hear that Young John tungba signature production if you know what I mean. This is a classic tungba sound coming from Olamide and like we know it can only be Young John The Wicked Producer that can give you this kind of tungba, the rating will be 9/10.

Lagos Nawa is another classic and super produced song coming from this album as Young John once again overdid himself on this heavy instrumental afro sound. With this song Olamide just prove to us that there is no sound or beat he can’t perform well as we hear him switching between rapping and singing on this one and the rating will be 9/10

Everyday Is Not Christmas is another tungba song on this album though not as strong as what we have been listening to so far but it's also not a bad song in general as the rating will be 7/10, the additional vocals on this song belong to YBNL princess herself Temmie Ovwasa. 

On A Must Buzz tells us why Olamide will always be loved by the street, Olamide is not just an indigenous rapper because of his rap language but also because of his deep connection to the street and this song just shows us how much connected he is to the street. Inspired from a very popular street gyration song Olamide features Phyno on this one and as expected they didn’t dull us as the rating will be 9/10.

Shanko Baby sees Olamide using another popular street chant (17 18 19 baby) on another dope production coming Young John as the instrumentals of this song is totally on point and once again Olamide didn’t disappoint as the rating of this song will be 8/10

On Fine Fine Girls Olamide decides to sound a bit different using very little Yourba and more of English and Pidgin. Honestly Tiwa Savage was the saving grace on this song, the rating will be 7/10

Enimimomi: Olamide once again infuse another popular chant in this song same as the one in Summer Body and Young John also made sure the production is nothing but excellent and the rating will be 8/10

Wo is up next and this song is the only track released off this album and you already know the impact this of the song. The rating from our weekly song review (Absolute Hearts Music Review) is 10.

Olamide ended this album with this song titled Wo Spiritual and I have to say I kind of like the song, of course not as dope as the original version but then again it is a decent song on its own. I like the creativeness Young John did with the production of this song, though I would have love to have Qdot on this version. The rating will be 8/10.

So there folks there you have it, the Wobey Sound from Olamide and I have to say you will feel disappointed if you were expecting to hear a particular kind of sound you think as the wobey sound as the Wobey Sound refer to here is has nothing to do with instrumentals at all but basically about direction of the album itself.

One thing about this album is also the fact that Olamide did everything we know him for, from singing to rapping he kept on switching which in its own way gave the album a unique sound and Young John also made sure the production of the album was top notch as the total rating will be 8.3/10 and been his 7th album I would say this is not a bad album at all. 

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