Tuesday 28 November 2017

#AHAlbumReview: Reviewing the 'What Happens In Lagos' album by Ajebutter22 [@ajebuter22]

Artiste: Ajebutter22
Album: What Happen In Lagos
Tracks: 13 (+1 bonus)
Features: Mystro, Dremo, Odunsi, Falz, M.I, Maleek Berry
Producers: Mystro, Platinum Toxx (Studio Magic), DJ Java, Yele Bademosi, Remy Baggins, Makablaze, Odunsi, DAP, Sammie Juice, Headphones, TMT

This has been a long time coming but it is finally here, Ajebutter22 has finally released his much anticipated album titled What Happens In Lagos and the album is packed with some super talented producers and of course guest artistes.
No need to waste time let’s find out exactly what happens in Lagos

The singer kicked off the album with the song titled Good Place To Start featuring Mystro who also produced the song along with Headphones, TMT and Platinum Toxx (Studio Magic). The song tells a very good story about Ajebutter22's life in the city of Lagos and it is a good way to kick start the album, good production too I must mention and the rating will be 8/10 for this is a conscious song. 

4AM is a song that describes the everyday man-hustle-and-bustle in Lagos city and on this one he features Dremo who dropped some very dope lines like…traffic no dey smile like most of Kanye photo….This is reality song about the Lagos hustle with super production coming from DJ Java, Yele Bademosi and Platinum Toxx (Studio Magic) and the rating will be a 10/10. 

Dollar Ti Won is the third track on this album and Ajebutter continues to raise the bar for this album as the album keeps getting better with each song. This Piano influence song was produced by Platinum Toxx (Studio Magic) and the rating will be 9/10.

Rich Friends is another conscious song and we hear Ajebutter giving us some rap flows on this super produced track by Remy Baggins, Ajebutter once again paint a perfect picture about how some big boys in Lagos carry themselves, the rating for this song will be a 10/10

Bang Gang featuring Falz is one of the official single that was released off this album and we all know how well the song was received, the rating will be 9/10

Up next is We Are Bad Boys and on this one he features M.I and Ajebutter tells us how a bad sharp guys operate in Lagos and once again the production of this song is dope as the credit goes to Platinum Toxx (Studio Magic). The rating will be 9/10

Wayward is another official single that was released to promote this album and according to our Absolute Hearts Music Review the rating will be 10, the track was produced by Makablaze. 

Track number eight on this album is Yoruba Boys Trilogy and I have to say this is best song off this album, from the production to the flows down to the concept itself everything about this song is dope. The song which features Odunsi and produce by Odunsi, DAP and Platinum Toxx (Studio Magic) gives us the three kinds of Yoruba boys or let me say a Yoruba Demons like you usually call them. The rating will be a super 10

Anything for the Boys, on this one Ajebutter once again features Odunsi and the song was produced by Sammie Juice and Platinum Toxx (Studio Magic) and Ajebutter continued to impress, the rating will be 8/10.

Lifestyle featuring Maleek Berry is the 10th track on this album and Ajebutter didn’t disappoint with this as he tells us the story of a young girl who is in love with the Lagos lifestyle and Maleek Berry came through with his vocals on the chorus. The DAP and Platinum Toxx (Studio Magic) produced song will have an 8/10. 

If we look at how the album started this should have been the song to end the album, Happy Ending is more like a part two to Good Place To Start, aside from the fact that they are both piano infused, Ajebutter tells us more about his life but this time on a more emotional level as he talks about his love life. The rating will of the Platinum Toxx (Studio Magic) produced track will be 9/10. 

Lagos Big is another single that was released off the album and it was well received by the fans as the rating from our Absolute Hearts Music Review is 9/10, the song was produced by Platinum Toxx (Studio Magic). 

Biggie Man ends the album officially and this is the only weak song on this album but this is still a good song but compared to what we have listened to so far this song isn’t strong enough. The Platinum Toxx (Studio Magic) produced track will have a 6/10 ratingGhana bounce is the bonus track on the album.

If you are planning to come down to Lagos for the first time, this is a must have album for you as it will serve as the perfect orientation you need about life in Lagos and to those of us who are already part of the Lagos lifestyle, I feel we should hold Ajebutter as he has used the album to snitch on us.

If this album was released earlier than this it would have made into the Absolute Hearts Music Top 10 Albums of the year (coming soon) but on a personal level I would say, this is my third best album for the year. What makes this album so beautiful is the amount of conscious songs that was in it yet it was still lit, big ups to Ajebutter for proving so many people wrong on the believe that you can’t have an album full of conscious songs. The official rating of this album will be 8.8/10

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