Monday 20 November 2017

Batgirl might be cancelled due to Wonder Woman

Due to Justice League's bad reviews and likelihood of under-performance at the box office Warner Bros are doing some serious thinking about what direction to take the DCEU down in future. Report has it that the studio is considering ditching the emphasis on the Justice League characters altogether and focusing on what they know works: Wonder Woman and her mythos.
The report also claims that Joss Whedon’s Batgirl won’t happen, after all as it appear that Warner Bros has lost faith in the former Avengers director after his Justice League cut didn’t provide what they were hoping for.

An insider said: “There’s all sorts of scuttlebutt about the way forward for DC post-League: that Whedon’s Batgirl is…unthinkable at this point; that they’ll now turn the whole thing over to James Wan if Aquaman goes well; that they might just make it a Wonder Woman universe. There are wheels within wheels within wheels in every turn of the Warners studio this week and we’ll see where it all lands soon enough. Or more likely, not soon enough.”

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