Thursday 9 November 2017

Wentworth Miller “Scofield” has an idea for Prison Break Season 6

In as much the return Prison Break season 5 didn’t quite hold the audience as the previous four seasons had done it would be unfair to say that the nine episode revival was all that bad as a matter of fact the final twist offered in the season finale showed us that the magic is still there.
Originally having premiered in 2005, Paul Scheuring’s nail-biter of a creation told the story of two brothers who got caught up in a conspiracy that went straight to the top. Over the course of four seasons, they escaped from two separate prisons, evaded the feds and unraveled various sinister plots.

Interestingly enough, Wentworth Miller seemingly isn’t ready to put the character of Michael Scofield behind him, and has even pitched an idea for a potential sixth season. Here’s the full post, as seen on his Instagram page.

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