Thursday 14 December 2017

4 interesting secrets to succeed at job hunting

The process of getting a job can indeed be quite arduous, however, there are some secrets that help ease the process and make your job search more successful. Here are 4 secrets for succeeding at job hunting.

Quality over Quantity
Try to avoid carelessly applying to as many positions as you can find. Your chances of getting a job are better if you spend more time and energy writing personalized cover letters, targeted resumes (that are free of errors) and sending them out to companies that are hiring for positions you are qualified for (not just any position you see). The closer a match you are to what the company is looking for, the better your chances of getting hired.

Take Advantage of Your Networking Connections
Referrals and connections are another great way to get a job, aside direct applications. In fact, many in our society believe that a large percentage of people who are successful in the job hunting process owe it to having good and useful referrals and connections. It might sound cliché, but being able to 'name drop' in your cover letter, application or email inquiry can help send your application straight to the top of the pile, at least close to it. Additionally, you should also take advantage of personal and professional networks like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn to make connections that further help you in your job hunting endeavors. You can easily use LinkedIn's search feature to identify network connections or even school alumni in the fields or companies you are interested in getting a job in.

Practice Makes a Great Interview
Not practicing before an interview can be extremely disadvantageous for you and paint a picture of irresponsibility and nonchalance to the company you are applying to. Take time to practice simple interview questions and answers to sharpen your skill and delivery at answering interview questions. Also, be sure to research on the company and rehearse personal statements you intend to deliver and questions you intend to ask. You can ask a spouse, friend or relative to help. Try not to underestimate the extent to which practicing before interviews can help make you perform excellently at it.

Know Your Value
If you know your value, it wouldn't be hard for you to defend why the company should hire you in an interview. The fact is, one of the hardest things to get across is your value to a potential employer or interviewer, but this is many times because you don't even know your value to begin with. To be able to articulate or communicate your value and to also be able to successfully negotiate a befitting salary for yourself, you must first know and believe in your skills and talents. Basically, you must first know your own value before others will value you and want to hire you. Knowing your value basically involves knowing what you are good at, what you can do, what your skills are, what you are an expert in, what your strengths are and what you can bring to any organization.

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