Monday 4 December 2017

4 things you should absolutely do before boarding a plane

There are some essential steps you need to take before boarding a plane. Failure to take these steps can result in issues with your air travel that can jeopardize your trip. Here are 4 things you absolutely should do before boarding a plane.

Research on your Trip
If you haven't been to the destination before, it is best to use online resources to research on the trip and have some information to help familiarize yourself a little with the destination. Read up on possible hidden fees that could come up, on the local currency and exchange rates, on emergency phone numbers, transport system and maps etc.

Ensure All Your Documents are Ready and Within Reach
From your passport to your ID and/or visa, ensure that all the documents you would need to travel are valid, up-to-date and well within your reach (so you don't have to start looking for or trying to get them last minute). Additionally, if you need to renew or change some documents ensure you do so early enough to avoid the hassles, stress and cost of late applications and/or registrations.

Secure Your Finances
This goes without saying. You should ensure you don't travel without several money options at your disposal so you don't end up stranded. If you can't handle this on your own, talk to your bank to help with this but do so early enough to avoid delays that can potentially jeopardize your trip. Additionally, it is also best to never travel without some cash so if your other 'cashless' money options fail, you would always have something to fall back on.

Be Proactive
You shouldn't depend on an airlines to know when there is a delay with your flight, you can easily know exactly what is happening concerning your flight per time and stay-up-to-the-minute through online flight tracking services, which  most airlines provide through their website.

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