Tuesday 19 December 2017

5 Telltale Signs You Are a Foodie

Everyone knows that food is awesome and eating it is even better. This said, there are some people who take more interest in food than usual. Want to know if you are among these people? Well, here are signs you are a foodie.

You can eat just about anything
You are not very picky about the food you eat. You are flexible in terms of the cuisine you are having, and you are always ready to try something new. As long as you know it is good food, your stomach never says no.

You're always the one to decide the menu
Wherever you go out for lunch or dinner with your friends, the menu automatically gets into your hands. Everyone has faith in your ability to choose what they will eat because of how much you eat.

You have serious weight issues that you ignore
You stand on the weighing machine and you are quite aware that you are overweight. Despite this, you ignore this and continue your food binging. You are obviously a foodie.

You plan your day around food
Mealtime is the best time and you plan your day accordingly. Chances are you wake up having already planned what's for breakfast and at the same time, you always have a snack on hand, because you are always hungry.

You travel to eat
The concept of a holiday without food is unthinkable for you. You secretly plan your holidays based on the kind of food that is available at the travel destinations.

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