Monday 18 December 2017

Rape survivors deserve all the love and care they can get, stop the stigma

Rape is a crime which is very much punishable by law, meaning a rapist is going to get punished and that punishment is to be jailed. The survivals (victims like most people call them) meanwhile are going to go scot free because it wasn't their fault they got raped, the law protects them and even care for them.
Now let's talk about our messy society, why is it that rape survivals are being stigmatized, why do people look at them with sore an awful eye, like they have committed a crime for being raped. This people are called survivals for a reason, they survived a terrible incident, an incident that can literally change their perspective about life, an incident that brings suicidal thoughts.

Yet these people survived and instead of us to receive them with open arms, welcome them like the heroes, go to church, sing song of testimony with them, go to mosque and say Allah Akbar with them, no we don't, we stay behind them and talk about them, making them feel like a suicide bomber that will soon explode. 

We see them and we don't want to associate with them like say person tell una say rape na transferable disease or you heard it that by sympathizing with them you can also get raped, because I don't understand why these survivals should be the one to hide their faces in the society, why should they be the one not to get to live their lives the way they want.

Rape survivals should not be stigmatized because they are not victims of any crime rather they are survivals just like someone who recovered from a sickness, like someone who survived an accident and we shouldn't look down on them like that is the end of life, like that is the worst thing that can happen to a being,  there is a difference between sympathizing with them and making them feel less human.

So please let stop this discrimination and stigmatization on rape survivals..

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