Monday 11 December 2017

#AHMusicReview: Ten songs with meaningful content released by Nigerian artistes in 2017

There's always been this back and forth argument that most Nigeria artiste don’t make conscious music anymore, that most of the songs don’t have meaningful lyrics or meaningful messages, so the Absolute Hearts Music Review team decided to dig deep and see how true that is.
Contrary to popular believe we have found that Nigeria artistes don’t only do conscious songs but also song with meaningful messages and today we present you with the 10 meaningful songs for 2017 in no particular other

1.      Oritse Femi – U (United): Oritse-Femi gave us a very conscious song as he preached about one love and unity. U is a brilliant song from the Musical Taliban who tried to remind us that United we stand Divided we fall as he preached against the tribalism and ethical war in the country.

2.      Orezi - Cooking Pot: On a very good Afro beat Orezi talked about not just political but also social issues that is affecting our country. He talks about rape, fornication, sexually transmitted disease and also corruption. This is a brilliant Afro sound song with a well passed message.

3.      Reminisce - Ponmile: This for me is the most conscious song I have heard this year. In the most enjoyable and creative way possible Reminisce used this song to talk about domestic violence. Many will see this as a very cool love song but if you listen to the lyrics very well you will understand that Reminisce is talking about sincerity in a relationship which is one of the things that often leads to violence among couples and of course if you have seen the video you will definitely understand better.

4.      Sound Sultan ft. Josh2Funny - Jenifer: Sound Sultan has always been known for making loads of conscious songs so no surprises here. With Jennifer Sound Sultan addressed the growing issue among our ladies, which is making everything about their life public particularly their love life. He advised ladies to take caution with what they post online about their love life so as to avoid stories that touch

5.      2Baba – Hold My Hand: This song was dedicated to children at the IDP in honour of the World Refuge Day. Talk about one artiste that continues to use his music to promote and preach peace then 2Baba is guilty of that. Aside from the fact that this song is beautifully composed another beautiful thing about this song is that 60% of revenue from the song will go to the IDP Camp, now isn’t that beautiful?.

6.      Faze - Perfect Woman: This is only song Faze released this year and just like the name implies, this song talks about the right woman. The message in this song is that there is no perfect woman anywhere in the world but a man can build a perfect woman IF AND ONLY if the man is patient and treat the woman with respect and love.

7.      Ruggedman Is Police Your Friend?: If you have never been harassed by the Nigeria police then you are VERY lucky. This is one issue the youth in the country face a lot, for no just reason a police will just stop you and begin to search you. With this song Ruggedman addressed the issue and going as far getting the voice of a high ranking Lagos State police officer just let the public know, that police has no right to harass you.

8.      Falz - Child of the World- This song is off Falz' 27 album and trust me if you are all about message then this song is perfect for you, Falz told a beautiful life story about single parenting, rape and redemption which is the major fact about this song, no matter your situation there is still hope as much as you don’t give up.

9.      AQ- AS + AS (Genotype): This is another song that talks about another social issue that affects a lot of people especially those in a relationship and that is the Genotype issue. A.Q tells a very touching and deep love story and you can easily relate even if you have never been a victim before.

10.  Jesse Jagz - Ghetto Youth: Well from the title of the song you can easily guess what this song is all about. Jesse Jagz talked about the everyday issue every common man faces on the street like unemployment and poverty though I have to say this is not a straightforward song so you have to connect on a deeper level to understand the song. 

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