Thursday 11 January 2018

4 kinds of people you should NOT travel with

Most people are more comfortable going on vacation with friends or family rather than doing so alone. However, if you really want to enjoy your vacation it is best to avoid traveling with some kinds of people that really might end up making you wish you traveled alone.  Here are 4 people you definitely shouldn't travel with.

The Whiners
They complain about everything at any chance they get, nothing is ever really good enough for them. This can really frustrate any kind of fun or adventure you planned on having on vacation; it is thus best to avoid traveling with them so you really can just easily relax and have a good time.

The Know-It-Alls
These people are never willing to ask questions about anything; they claim always to know every and anything. Unfortunately, this many times leads to their making mistakes that either get you lost or end up ruining your travel experience all together by making it more tedious than it has to be. However, if you have to travel with these kinds of people, you would do well to avoid relying on them because doing so can lead to hell breaking loose and a lot of regrets for avoidable mistakes made.

The Lazy Ones
They hardly ever want to do anything, they only want to lie down all day, everyday. This can be frustrating if you're on the adventurous side and want to use your vacation to explore and experience new things. The dullness and low energy of the 'lazy ones' might end up frustrating your excitement and dampening your mood. It is thus better to travel with 'like minds', that is people that will be willing to go on adventures with you and experience new things as well as make lasting memories.

The Workaholics
These kinds of people are constantly working. The effect they have on your mood is much like those of the 'lazy ones'. They tend to dampen your spirits and frustrate your drive to experience and explore with their killjoy 'I have work to do' attitude. It's just best to avoid traveling with them if you really want to enjoy your vacation.

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