Thursday 4 January 2018

4 Mistakes to Avoid in Order to Look Great in Photos

When it comes to taking a good picture, much of the success depends on your skill at posing and presenting yourself in the right way. Thankfully, these skills are really not hard to learn, it just largely entails you avoiding certain mistakes you might be prone to make when posing for pictures. Here are 4 mistakes to avoid in order to look great in photos.

Put Your Chin Forward
To take a good photo your neck should remain visible, you should therefore try to avoid tilting your head forward to keep your gaze from becoming 'heavy and unwelcoming'. It is much better to put your head slightly forward and though it might feel unnatural, it is the position will make your neck look slimmer while adding fitness and grace to your overall image.

Avoid Crossing Your Arms
Crossing your arms does little to flatter your figure, and tilting your head without lowering your shoulders looks unnatural. Therefore when facing the camera, be sure to angle your body a little to the side while you put your arms down and spread them apart slightly. Doing it this way will make your neck seem more slender and your body outlines will be more clearly defined.

Be More Watchful of Your Posture
Even a slight fault with your posture can be magnified in a very unflattering way by the camera, you should therefore try to draw your shoulder blades together and straighten your spine while bending backward at the waist. If you're sitting down, try to avoid leaning against the back of the chair, instead sit half-turned to the camera to make your body outline more defined.

Create Visual Lines
For a flattering and photogenic picture, avoid standing straight with your arms hanging at your sides because some items of clothing can blur together, adding width and bulkiness to your figure. It is better to move your arms away from your body and try using them to create straight lines and angles that will accentuate your figure and highlight what really matters.  

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