Thursday 11 January 2018

5 Food Tips That Will Boost Brain Performance

The brain is one of the most complex organs of the body. It determines who you are and how you navigate through the world. Its maintenance and care don't have to be complicated. One of the best ways to maintain the brain and boost its capacity is via food. Here are food tips that will help boost brain performance.

Always stay hydrated
The largest component of your body is water, so you need to drink enough clean water to keep your body and brain hydrated. Thus, daily hydration will not only help you think better but can also serve as prevention against the disorder related to lack of attention in children and adults.

Never skip breakfast
Having breakfast in the morning goes a long way in determining how your brain will work throughout the day. When you miss breakfast, you are setting yourself up for weight gain because you tend to eat more during the day.

Consume quality fats
Approximately 60 percent of the brain matter consists of fats that create all the cell membranes in your body. If your diet contains bad fats, your brain can only make low-quality nerve cell membranes that don't function well and if your diet provides good fats, your brain cells can manufacture higher-quality nerve cell membranes and impact your nerve cells' ability to function at their peak capacity.

Eat more protein
Protein in your diet affects brain performance because it provides amino acids the brain needs to carry signals from one brain cell to another.  Therefore, if you don't eat enough protein, you could find it difficult to concentrate and you may experience memory challenges.

Be careful with foods that contain additives
Food additives are substances added to food to preserve its flavour or enhance its taste and appearance; always check the labels on the canned and processed foods before eating them. This is because tinned or processed foods contain additives that may be causing harm to your body and brain.

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