Friday 19 January 2018

6 Signs You Will Miss Your Flight

Missing a flight sometimes is not always the fault of the airline. It may be by your own actions and inactions. Thus, without any doubt, missing a flight is very frustrating and one that will cost you money and time. Accordingly, here are signs you are about to miss your flight. This will ensure that you never miss your flight.

Go out late the night before
You are well aware that you are flying the next day but you don't return home until very late. During your night out, you down several bottles of your favourite alcoholic drinks. It will be very difficult not to experience a hangover. Consequently, you may find it difficult to wake up early enough to go the airport.

You haven't checked your mail
Some people tend to overlook their email messages and check them at the very last minute. This is not advisable. Every time you get a notification, double check your departure time, date, names, terminal numbers, flight number, and other information provided. Do not ignore any email especially if it has to do with your flight.

You haven't made a document checklist
Clearly, travelling requires documents other than tickets and boarding passes. Many travellers run into the problem of not having a valid passport. Some places require validity for a specific set of time.  Endeavour to do a document checklist to ensure you have all of them with you.

Wandering around the airport
There is no need to wander around the airport. Once you have seen your gate and have all your documents ready, the next step is to stay nearby and wait patiently. However, if you decide to explore the airport, you are definitely at risk of missing your flight.

You're waiting to pack
It's definitely not a good idea to pack on the same day as your flight. Not only will you risk missing out vital luggage, but also delay the packing process if you remember something at the last minute. Be sure to start packing in advance, possibly a week earlier and leave only the last two days for things you may have forgotten.

The only time you checked flight status was when you booked
This is especially important if you have booked a flight way ahead of time. If need be, set a reminder on your phone a week or two before your flight so that you know exactly when to start preparing.

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