Saturday 6 January 2018

7 Indications You Are Prepared To Travel Solo

When you travel solo, you get to be the leader of your itinerary, and everything that comes with it. It is easy to say but never always easy to do. So, before you travel on your own, these signs will help you determine if you are ready or set to travel on your own.

You are comfortable making new friends
Traveling alone doesn't mean you are lonely, it means you can handle all sorts of possible situations on your own including a conversation with a stranger. Travel solo means you get to meet and talk to people outside your culture and circle without feeling scared. 

You don't mind where you end up sleeping
You can pretty much sleep everywhere. It doesn't matter if you end up sleeping in the airport, on a train, on a bus or in the car. You don't care if your bag transforms into a pillow or your coat into a blanket. Travel solo literally gives you have the freedom and privilege to sleep wherever and whenever you want. 

You are fine with being lost
If the possibility of getting lost doesn't scare you, it's a good sign that you are ready to travel solo. Being lost means something so amazing is waiting to be found.  

You enjoy spending time with yourself
One of the greatest gifts you can give to yourself while you travel solo is some alone time. You find satisfaction or solace in treating yourself. You can sit and eat alone with or without the presence of people.

You know how to stick to your budget
If you can stick to your budget, it simply means you have taken full control of your spending and as you travel, you won't be extravagant. 

You never let fear get the better of you
There are days when you feel scared or frustrated, but those feelings will never override your passion for adventure and going out into the world to experience something new. Instead, you prefer to turn those brief flashes of panic into a positive energy that keeps you going.

You keep a diary
Whether you're happy, sad, excited or just bored, you turn to your diary to express this. You don't need a face-to-face conversation, this way you can get it all out uninterrupted.

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