Monday 12 February 2018

Tying your success to your age is sheer oppression - Temitayo Tella blasts Paddy Adenuga

I got the tag notification and was surprised to see my friend ADEYEYE OLORUNFEMI ‘causing’ trouble again. This time, with some guy whom is so much like an angel to many in Nigeria. I was forced to go read the piece PADDY ADENUGA wrote, to know its relevance and maybe ‘FEMI’s note was so uncalled for.

May I say that FEMI is a liar by saying he (Femi) looks like you? It’s me you actually look like - the oyinbo pepper thing. I read your long brief and I must commend that it was smooth and sleek, I thought I was reading some excerpt from a novel written by a fuse of John Grisham and Sydney Sheldon, bro I am proud of you, if that was really written by you and not some professional author or editor or something, I must recommend that you pick up article writing in a prominent magazine like the Washington Post.

Read Olorunfemi Adeyeye's post > Letter to Paddy Adenuga from Olorunfemi Adeyeye

As I was reading through Femi’s post, I kept asking why he tagged me, until I got to the ALAKIJA side, saying I am against Alakija or quoting me on ADENUGA’s child post? Gosh! Who I be, who be my fada? Does my father own a communications company? My father died after working his fingers out as a factory manager in an allied products company, without pensions, without a car or a mansion. My mum, still alive is a retired health worker of the government. I no be your mate o, you senior me, you wey go military school for yankee, my ‘military school’ was from my attending command secondary school… lols and currently from the street protests where we got teargassed, whipped, beaten, watered, fired at and jailed for. Why? We ranted and chanted solidarity songs, request for good governance and accountability.
Olorunfemi Adeyeye (left), Temitayo Tella (top right) and Paddy Adenuga (bottom right)

May ADEYEYE OLORUNFEMI not eat lunch for making me feel this bad, at 29 I had not entered a plane, still struggle to have 3 meals a day, very much hopeless about my income and the living standards of my immediate family, but to many, I am still a champion, above poverty line, well, you PADDY, you are just a ‘god’ abi no be so? In fact, you are not a Nigerian, you are a heavenly being. If an average Nigerian can have half of all your opportunities, I bet you, we would be close to the ‘godification’, or even higher.

PADDY do you even fart? cos I so much envy your success level, but eventually angry that the lives of many are wallowing below the humanity line here in Nigeria yet our leaders and elite cabal which your DAD belong are just cool with it, unshaken, unconcerned. Do you know about the education issues, the environmental breakdown, the dead health sector and comatose judicial system just to mention a few?

Your piece was fit not for a Nigerian, you should have been a typical white guy, who born me? But I blame not your expose, they were just as they were, asides that it lacked sensitivities for the poverty ridden Nigerian clime, and it was all about you, about your family and your company. Your ambition I respect, but I expected to get a social impact angle of your TROJAN HORSE or CATALAN, for Africa and Nigeria, I got none.

Oga mi, egbon mi, baba mi and all the big qualifications, my fada no be Adenuga and can never be, If I may advise you, please take it, forgive me if it may seem judgmental, I do not wish to judge you, but wait, have you ever been hungry? Yet angry that you cannot help yourself? With 2 degrees yet no reasonable jobs, I opted for my passion too but been raising and assisting more people to the better side of life. If you have been doing this please continue, if not, please start, for it’s because there is a Nigeria that is why we have an ADENUGA, the rot in the society will raise a revolutionary movement that will someday engulf us all, maybe you and I will survive or not, I don’t know but I am sure, that if the mass of the downtrodden pick just a stone, we all will topple this government and all those who call themselves elites. And then there would be no oil, Trojan Horse or Catalan or Adenuga.

I respect you and I have learnt from you, but to tie that success to your age was sheer oppression, do you know an average 29 year old in Nigeria can’t even rent a decent house? Buy a car? Or even influence the happenings in his society? Those who are trying hard on the last met stiffer oppression like jailing. I run a fashion outfit but the government fooled us with YES-P (Youth Empowerment Programme) in 2016, a grant of 5 million naira was changed to loan, loan! Yet none of the 40 in my class got it. Wetin again make poor man do not to be called having ‘poverty mentality’; ‘entitlement mentality’.

So brother, if it’s true that they are packaging you for a political post in Nigeria - Ogun state, all I will ask is ‘where is your conscience?’ Must we all remain slaves to your bloodline and cabal-line?

In all, continue making successes, let people like us pick the sense in your feat stories. And if truly you have the love of Nigerians and want to ‘emancipate us’ please find a better means and not politics, it’s so much of a slap on those of us not born with a silver spoon. You can look at making Nigeria the 'Silicon Valley' of Africa.

And on a lighter note, please let me be your clothier, for your team, friends and families.


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