Tuesday, 27 March 2018

#StoryTuesday: Suicide Note Page Five

Few weeks ago we began a new story on our #StoryTuesday series. The story is titled ' Suicide Note' and new episodes will be published on Tuesdays. Suicide Note will be written in pages (episodes) and here is the link to Page four in case you missed it. Continue reading page five below:
From pressing her b00bs, I moved to sucking it and after a while she told me to start touching her privates. I know this will sound silly, there are times I actually enjoyed touching her, I mean I get this sensationally feeling that just makes my body feel unnecessarily good. It was obvious she was enjoying whatever it was I was doing to her, though I couldn't understand if it was my own touch that made her scream or it was the way she was dipping her fingers into her privates. 

From the day she first made me touch her, I never did my homework in my house anymore, once I came back from school, I will go to her house with my homework as that was what she said. I know you might be wondering why I didn't look for someone else to help me out but that is even a different story all together. Because of my inability to speak fluently, I didn't make many friends in Festac aside Ehis and because of my mum's history with guys, I hated the guys on my street. So I was stuck with Aunty Florence and like I said, she wasn't all that bad as it wasn't every time I go to her place that she would ask me to touch her, there are days where she would even beat me if I mess up with my assignment.

I guess me helping her satisfy whatever urge she was feeling was just about the only bad attitude she has that I know of, aside from that she was very disciplined, if you see the way she talks to my mum, you might think she gave birth to my mum. I remember one night I cried to her house because I was very hungry and my mum had passed out wasted, she feed me and made me sleep at her place, the next morning when we got to our place, she blasted my mum, my mum started to cry that day, my mum later apologized to me. 

Before I forget, let me quickly say that I didn't stay long in school, the last time I went to school was a week before my mum got arrested and throughout her stay in prison I didn't attend school though aunty Florence told me to go school but I couldn't, I couldn't even walk on the street during the day as I was ashamed of the way people were looking at me and even the names some of them call me got me crying at times. Aunty Florence wasn't really around during that period she said she had some things she had to take care of. Whenever she was around she will come over to our house to take care of me but when she wasn't around I was lived on my own and this was how I started getting familiar with Festac street life. 

When I get bored, I go to 5th avenue which is far from my street to play football, I enjoyed playing football. At 5th avenue nobody knew me or my mum, so I didn't have to hide my face, though I wasn't really vocal when I am with some of the street boys but I get to speak when necessary. I remember meeting this bros in 5th avenue, bros Chima. Bros Chima liked girls a lot, that is another thing about Festac I didn't mention, every Festac child grows up doing three things: Music, Womanizing or becomes a chronicle smoker, as for bros Chima, it was the ladies and a bit of smoking. Bros Chima liked me because I was very quiet and intelligent, he became my street brother, I remember when I started going to 5th avenue, I wasn't always picked to play football so most times I just watch and go home. 

One day bros Chima who was one of the bros that were placing bet on those playing called me up, he asked if I was new to the street and asked why I was always around if I couldn't play football, I told him I wasn't from the street and that most times when they get to select players I don't get picked. He told me to come on time the next day as he promised me I will get the chance to be picked and just like he promised the next day I came, I played and that was how I started rolling with him, days that I don't feel like playing he would invite me to join him and his friends in his house, it was from him and his friends I learnt how to play card and I had my first hard drink with him too. There is this game called “strip”, this is where whoever loses a game of card will be told to take off a clothing item and I have witnessed some girls strip to their panties alone. Once it gets to that level bros Chima will ask me to go home and come back the next day. Even though I was always shy he was the one that taught me how to approach a girl because most times he will always send me to help him go met a girl. 

New episode next Tuesday

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