Tuesday 13 March 2018

#StoryTuesday: Suicide Note (Page Three)

Two weeks ago we began a new story on our #StoryTuesday series. The story is titled 'Suicide Note' and new episodes will be published on Tuesdays. Suicide Note will be written in pages (episodes) and here is the link to Page two in case you missed it. Continue reading page three below:
If you are reading this, it means it's too late to help, I am not going to blame anyone for my actions instead I will tell you my story and let you be the judge. 

Still talking about my mum, remember I said she did all she could do but then again life isn't just fair. She got a job as a club manager in one of the big hotels in Festac, the pay was good, at least we could have three square meals, I could pay my school fees and house rent wasn't an issue, my mum was happy her life was finally getting back together, the only thing that eluded her was love, not that I am trying to insult my mum but she was a sucker for love, few sweet words and she is head over heels for you. After her break up with Demola, aunty Florence introduced her to Daniel, Daniel showed my mum true love but all was just part of a big scam. 

Daniel wasn't as rich as Demola, so most of the spending was done by my mum, something aunty Florence was against at some point then, you know what they say about love, it is blind for those who choose not to see, my mum wasn't ready to see. Aunty Florence didn't know much  about Daniel, he was a friend of a friend, Daniel ran into aunty Florence and my mum at the club and after Daniel and aunty Florence did some catch up, he asked to be introduced to my mum and she did and that was how the relationship started. 

There were nights where the club was filled up that aunty Florence and I would at times give my mum a hand and when Daniel came into the picture, he will help too. There was this night the club was very busy, as the ballers of Festac came to ball, my mum needed all the help she could get but that very day I was ill and aunty Florence had to stay with me at the hospital, my mum had to turn to Daniel to help her out which he did. Sales was at it's peek, that around 4am when things had ease, my mum and Daniel decided to have a drink in her office to celebrate the sales because that much sales means my mum was going to get a bonus pay. According to what my mum said, it was her idea that they have a drink together but things got really out of hand that my mum got drunk and eventually slept off. She woke the next morning and Daniel was gone.

She said when she woke up and discovered that Daniel had left the club, the first thing she did was to call him to know where he was but his number wasn't going through. She said it was after this she decided to do a proper account of the money they made the previous night, she screamed like a mad woman when she realized that the money which was up to a million plus was gone and the only person that saw where she kept the money was also gone. She said she sat down there crying because it was at this point she realize she didn't know where Daniel lives, she kept on calling the number but the number didn't go through. She sat down there crying till the owner of the club came, she was arrested, beaten and after three months in prison she was let go when it became obvious that she really didn't know anything about how the money went missing, that was the last time she saw Daniel. 

This incident was the wrecking ball incident for my mum because after this, she literally didn't care much again, all she wanted to do was to keep drinking, aunty Florence would prevent her at times and at times they will both get drunk and say all sorts of rubbish talk forgetting that I am in the house. It was during this their drunkenness talk I knew that aunty Florence had not had a relationship in three years and she was a pimp, not sure if a woman is called a pimp but I am sure you get what I am trying to say. My mum begged her to find her one rich guy that can take care of her needs or make her one of her runs girl but she turned my mum down, saying she can't do that for her. At times I wonder what if she had said yes, what if my mum had gotten that sugar daddy maybe she won't have gone down the path she did.

New episode next week

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