Friday 23 March 2018

UK needs to also address racism issue - England manager Gareth Southgate

Gareth Southgate has said that the UK needs to get its own house in order before taking aim at World Cup hosts Russia, highlighting disgusting racist abuse of England's teenage players on social media as a prime example. 
Just three months before the opening game, heightened political tensions between the UK and Russia have compounded pre-existing fears about this summer's finals. Racism is high among the concerns given the number of issues that have reared their head in Russian football over the years, but Southgate made the point that a light needs shining on issues at home as well as abroad.

He said "I don't think we should just talk about racism in Russia - we have got to get our own house in order. There is still things going on in our own country that aren't correct around racism. So, we keep pointing the finger at Russia, where we're going to be guests in the next few months, but we haven't resolved the issue in our own country. I had a really interesting couple of hours with Troy Townsend a couple of weeks ago, he came into speak to some of our coaches. He showed a picture of I think our Under-17s from a recent game that was put on social media. The comments about that team underneath were disgusting."

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