Thursday 5 April 2018

Are you looking for premium and affordable furniture and interior decoration? this is for you

Carolina had just been appointed as the C.O.O of her company and being the company's policy, she  had been given a free accommodation in one of the high brow areas on the Mainland and a car with a driver  But she needed to furnish the house to her classy taste.

Maxwell had just relocated to Lagos from Abuja and needed to settle down as soon as possible. His mum suggested Uncle Raymond 

Louis knew he wasn't one to 'squat' with a relative as his privacy was of upmost importance to him.

Besides those Lagos girls who judge people by where they live will think he was a small boy if they knew he did not have a place of his own, he thought

'No oo, staying with Uncle Raymond is a no go area abeg, but wait o,He stays on the Island in one of those prestigious estates' Louis was confused 

He wanted the good life of Lagos, but did not have the means to get an accommodation let only furnish it to his taste..


He remembered 

He had a good amount he had saved and intentionally ignored because of  emergencies like this

'Thank God I imbibed the culture of saving', he muttered 

Now that my accommodation is sorted, how will I furnish it?

I can't be sleeping on the bare floor now.

They both needed Interior Decorations and Furniture to solve their dilemma

Affordability and Quality were both Loius and Caroline's mantra on making purchase decisions. 

Who wouldn't in this Buhari era?

There knew there were so many Interior Decor and Furniture Services in Lagos.Their Friends had hinted them on how some charged exorbitant prices yet delivered low quality chairs to them.

Some had seen the so cheap ones with furnitures that screamed inferior 

Then there was Derkol Ventures 

Derkol Ventures that offers quality and affordable interior decor, residential/non residential furniture, office furniture.

Derkol Ventures that knew coming home to meet the chairs, sofas, center table, rugs, curtains, window blinds, dining table could liven your spirit!

So guess what Interior decor/Furniture brand Loius and Maxwell went for

Infact they will be at the Exhibition and Brand Relaunch on the 7th and 8th of April 2018 at the  Kings Plaza,Adeniran Ogunsanya Surulere where they would be a showcase of your dream sitting room ,bedroom live!

Be like Maxwell and Carolina

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