Tuesday 17 April 2018

Bundesliga: Referee award penalty kick during half time, calls back players

In a Bundesliga game, Mainz and Freiburg players were called back to the pitch after the referee had blown for half-time when a penalty was belatedly awarded via VAR.
The players had already gone to their changing rooms for the interval with the score at 0-0 when referee Guido Winkmann stopped his own descent down the tunnel after a message in his ear.

Play had been allowed to continue after Mainz's Daniel Brosinski struck a shot that hit Freiburg defender Marc Oliver Kempf on the hand, but Winkmann watched the incident again pitchside after being notified by video referee Bibiana Steinhaus. After confused faces resurfaced from the tunnel, Mainz's Pablo De Blasis duly converted the spot-kick to give the hosts a surprising 1-0 lead when they went back in for the break - again.

Freiburg coach Christian Streich, who was recently sent off for dissent in another Bundesliga game, was pictured on the sidelines smiling and shaking his head in disbelief, after being told to bring his players back out.

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