Thursday 12 April 2018

Referee Michael Oliver was biased - Juventus President Andrea Agnelli

Juventus president Andrea Agnelli has suggested referees were biased against Italians sides after seeing Michael Oliver award Real Madrid a last-gasp penalty.
Juventus had come back to 3-3 in the tie following their 3-0 first-leg defeat, but the penalty award led to some hefty protests, which saw Gianluigi Buffon sent off on his final Champions League appearance.

He said "I see a series of countries that implemented VAR and I saw incidents that went against Italian clubs recently, such as the foul on Cuadrado, AC Milan at Arsenal and Juve tonight, proving we absolutely need VAR in the Champions League. This isn't about one or two points, but rather going forward in a massive tournament that brings so much money and prestige. We can't allow these incidents to occur. For some reason, the vanity of the refereeing designator is trying to scientifically prove he is unbiased and keeps assigning referees who are against Italian clubs. Players make mistakes, so do referees, but this official completely lost control of the situation. A referee in Madrid for the quarter-final must have seen the first leg, realise the Dybala red card was excessive and understand the various situations. The referee tonight was in total chaos. It's a pity, the performance of the boys remains, we confirmed  you can come back from 3-0 down to turn things around."

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