Thursday 12 April 2018

Tips For Cleaning Your Home Appliances To Make Them Last

Your home appliances, whether large or small, work hard almost on a regular basis. Thus, cleaning and caring for them means they will function or perform better and last longer. Here are cleaning home appliances tips.

Always consult the owner's manual
Each brand and type of appliances are just a little different and often, there are specific instructions for how to clean something for that particular model recommended by the manufacturer. Cleaning in a different way than recommended may not work as well, or even damage the appliance. It can also inadvertently void the warranty.

Unplug appliances before you begin to clean them
You never know what you might knock or bump while cleaning these items, so it is important to keep safety in mind. Therefore, always unplug appliances before you begin to clean them in any manner so you don't accidentally turn it on while trying to clean it up.

Do not immerse any parts of the appliance in water
Many parts of a home appliance such as the motor or other electrical parts are not designed to get wet. Therefore, when cleaning them do not submerge them in water. Sometimes, there are detachable parts of the appliance which you can hand wash, or you can even put in the dishwasher. Only do that though if the appliance manual says this is safe to do.

Let appliances cool off before you start cleaning
To prevent burns and even damaging your appliance, you should always allow it to cool before you start cleaning. Do not be in a hurry to clean a hot appliance.

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