Tuesday 10 April 2018

Top 6 Gadgets That Have Changed Our Lives

There is no gainsaying we are in the digital age. It has experienced the introduction of modern gadgets that have changed our lives. Meanwhile, the ones that are really old or archaic have either been phased out or significantly improved upon. Whatever the case may be, here are top 6 gadgets that have changed our lives.

Smartphones have largely redefined the way we live. Now, a smartphone does not only make calls, take photos, or allow us to play games, it can communicate with laptops, TVs and other devices via Bluetooth connection. You can also watch films on them and have instant access to the World Wide Web.

Although computers have been around for years, they have undergone overwhelming changes - from the Supercomputers of those days to the different sizes and capacities of computers nowadays. It has even gotten to a point that many individuals and organisations cannot do without owning computers or laptops.

Smoke Detector
Fire incidents are a common occurrence in a number of city buildings. In the event of a fire incident, the smoke detector helps in giving out an alarm and detecting danger at a crucial time. The damage to lives and property will be curtailed.

Like computers, televisions have been around for decades. However, you will be wowed by the improvements that have been made. These days, LEDs, LCDs and plasma television sets are a common feature in a number of households and offices.

The emergence of smartphones with high pixels may make it seem like professional cameras have been abandoned. They haven't because photographers still use these cameras to capture images - either to store them digitally or in the form of a film, from where images can be retrieved after processing.

Global Positioning System (GPS)
Gone are the days you stand on the roadside to ask for direction or you use a paper map to do so. With downloadable GPS or even Google map, the process of finding your way is very seamless!

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