Thursday 31 May 2018

#AHAlbumReview: Adekunle Gold addresses Twitter scammer Pablo in #About30 album

Absolute Hearts Album Review
Artiste: Adekunle Gold
Album: About 30
Tracks: 14 (+2bonus)
Features: Flavour, Jacob Banks, Seun Kuti, LCGC, Dyo
Producers: Pheelz (Mr. Producer) Seyikeyz, Jay Weather, Vtek and Prgrshn

On the 25th of May 2018, Adekunle Gold dropped his sophomore  album titled About 30 which according to him is a continuation of his first album Gold, well this makes sense considering the fact that the numbering of this album starts from 16 instead of the usual 1.
Aside from Flavour and Seun Kuti this album features relatively unknown artiste which includes Jacob Banks LCGC and Dyo, and a total number of 5 producers worked on the album. Without any further ado let’s see to what #About30 is all about.

Ire set the tone of what to expect from this album and there is no need spending much time on this song we all know how impactful this song has been.  Just to add, this song will go down as one of Adekunle's best song and will definitely end up being evergreen. The Seyikeyz produced song will have a rating of 9. 

Down With You ft Dyo, on this track Adekunle Gold shows us how much he has improved on his vocals as he blessed us with a melodious song and the beautiful vocals of Dyo can’t also be ignored, this is another classic tune which was produced by Jay Weather and Prgrshn and the rating will be 8. 

Mr. Foolish sees Adekunle testing out his Afro sound ability and with the help of Seun Kuti, they gave us a well created Afro beat song. The production of the song goes to Seyikeyz and Pheelz and they both made sure we have another 8 rating song.

With Surrenda, Adekunle went back his usual style and once again he shows us just how much he has worked on his vocals, making his songs more melodious. This is another good love song on the album with some serious instrumentals on the production which was done by Pheelz, the rating will be 8

Damn Delilah as produced by Seyikeyz is probably no doubt one of the best song on this album, Adekunle Gold went all out on this, the composition, the lyrics and of course the production, if there is a song to clear any doubt about how much Adekunle Gold has improved as an artiste then this is the song you should listen to, it is a classic heartbreak song and the rating will be 9.  

Yoyo ft. Flavour is a highlife song and you know once Flavour is involved then that Igbo vibes has to be there. To be honest I never thought this collaboration was going to sound good but Seyikeyz was able to find the right blend of sound for the two artistes as the rating will be 7.

Money is another Pheelz produced song and yes we already know how massive this song has been, so no need to waste time only to add that is also one of the best songs on the album, the rating will be 8

Pablo Alakori, to fully appreciate this song, then you need to know who Pablo is, Pablo is a popular beggar/scammer on twitter, who usually tells all sort of lies just to get money from celebrities and due to this fact many celebrities are now being skeptical helping those who might actually have genuine reasons for a helping hand. As produced by Vtek, Adekunle Gold passed an encouraging yet savage message on this as the rating will be 7

Remember is the second song produced by Jay Weather and I have to say at this point, Adekunle Gold sang more in English on this album compared to the Gold album and he even sounded better too. Remember is another decent song on this album as the rating will be 7.

In a way I feel like Fame is the complete English version of Ire, on this Seyikeyz produced song, Adekunle Gold once again shows us how much he has improved as an artiste, this song is really mind blowing, the arrangement, composition and of course the heavy strings of instrumentals just made the production more perfect. The rating will be 9

Somebody is a groovy love song that will keep you nodding your head and of course it’s Pheelz on the production so what more can you expect if not a decent song, the rating will be 8. 

Mama is a song dedicated to his mother and Adekunle Gold did proper justice to this song as it is a song you all can play for your mother, the rating will be 7.

There Is A God ft. LCGC, Adekunle takes us on a spiritual journey on this one as he uses this song to appreciate the infinite mercy of the Lord and on the guitar inspired track produced by Seyikeyz and Pheelz which is equally backed up with additional vocals by LCGC, the rating will be 8.  

Hey if you ever want to feel young again, I mean like 5, 6 years younger then Back to the Start is the song that will put you in that mood. Just like Bez' Stupid Song, Adekunle takes us back in time reminding us of those sweet old days that made our childhood worthwhile. This is a perfect way to officially end the album and once again Pheelz is responsible for the decent production of this song and the rating will be 7.

One of the steps to becoming a music legend in Nigeria is making sure your sophomore album sounds better than your debut album and I can say with all certainty that Adekunle Gold just did that with About 30.  One thing that might not be too obvious in this album is the influence of the 79th Element band which Adekunle has been working with for some time now, if you listen to this album every well, you will hear just how much working with a band has not only influenced his sound but as made him a better vocalist, composer and a better artiste in general and if I may add  Adekunle Gold sang more in English on this album, all in all this is an album that will definitely go far as the total rating will be 7.8. 

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