Saturday 5 May 2018

#LazyNigerianYouths: Nigerian youths are not lazy - Miss Radiant Nigeria (Universe) 2017 says in exclusive interview

During the course of the week, we had a run in with one of the winners of last year Miss Radiant Nigeria 2017 and here are some of the few things we spoke about.
Absolute Hearts: Hello, can you introduce yourself and what you do?

MRNU: Hello, I'm Onyinye Stephanie Ezeani, the current Miss Radiant Nigeria Universe 2017. I'm a content creator for a media company, 234star

Absolute Hearts: Tell us what it feels like been Miss Radiant Nigeria Universe?

MRNU: It feels very great being a beauty queen and I must say I'm glad to be Miss Radiant Nigeria Universe.

Absolute Hearts: In what way can you say being part of the winners of Miss Radiant Nigeria 2017 has shaped you as a person?
MRNU: So far it has been engaging and interesting, it has made me have the zeal to achieve more. I believe in myself that I can achieve all I want to achieve by God's grace if I set my mind on it

Absolute Hearts: So we hear you are working on a project, can you tell us about that?

MRNU: My pet project is themed; Female Self-Development, in this I'm creating awareness on breast cancer and I'm joining the fight against it.

Absolute Hearts: Why did you choose this project?

MRNU: I chose this as my pet project to enlighten the general public and encourage females to pay much attention to their health, so many people feel cancer is a myth or they can never have it, My prayer is for us never to have it, that is why I'm doing this pet project because those that have been affected by it never saw it coming, regular screening and early detection is the key for a cancer free life.

Absolute Hearts: Is this a self-financed or powered project or you have other brands you are collaborating with?

MRNU: I'm partnering with Optimal Cancer Care Foundation for this pet project, we will be going for sensitization and screening in various parts of Lagos this month of May which is “The Cancer Research Month

Absolute Hearts: Would you agree with the president that Nigerian Youths are lazy?

MRNU: I'm a Nigerian youth and I know how hardworking I am, that statement doesn't work for me and I believe majority of Nigerian youths are engaged in one hustle or the other in a bid to make ends meet. The number of youth entrepreneurs springing up these days is so high there should be a census for that before concluding on the statement that says “Nigerian youths are lazy”

Absolute Hearts: We hope you have gotten your PVC

MRNU: Yes, I have gotten my PVC

Absolute Hearts: Thank you very much for your time

MRNU: Thanks for having me, I'm glad.

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