Saturday 19 May 2018

Winning the FA Cup doesn't guarantee my future, I could still get sacked- Antonio Conte

Chelsea manager Antonio Conte believes he could win the FA Cup with Chelsea this weekend and still end up being sacked in the aftermath.
The Italian's team face Manchester United on Saturday at Wembley, where defeat would see Chelsea end the season without a trophy just 12 months after they won the Premier League.

While he maintains he will be a club hero even if his players are beaten by United, he also concedes success in the last match of his second campaign in England might not be enough to save him.

He said "Usually, when you have a lot of positive situations, it's more simple. When you have a negative situation, then you must be prepared to work very hard, to work to improve every aspect. I think in this season, I did this together with my staff. There are other people to judge your work, to judge the season, I don't think I'd be the right person to say: 'OK, if we win I plan this situation', or 'if we don't win, I plan another situation'. I'm not interested in this. I'm interested in winning the final. This is the most important thing for me, for my players. It's right to separate the two things because, otherwise, if you don't win it means you didn't work very well. Sometimes you can win but the club decides to sack you anyway because they have a reason to do this."

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