Saturday 30 June 2018

If Tekno doesn't pay me for using the word Jogodo, I will drag him to court - Prof. Linkin

Prof. Linkin has come out to say that his issues with Tekno is far from over as he wants the artiste to also give him the credits he deserve for sampling his song Jogodo on his own song with the same title.

Music enthusiasts say that Tekno actually sampled two songs, Jogodo by Prof . Linkin which was released in 2003 and Kpolongo by Danfo Drivers which was also released in 2003. 

Though the Dando Drivers also threatened to take actions against Tekno, the artistes have now settled their rift and it looks like there'll be a collaboration from them soon as Tekno was seen in a video with the Danfo Drivers in a studio.

Prof. Linkin said “I am the owner of that song Jogodo and I hold the copyright to the name, Jogodo . Tekno did not inform me before he released the song and the funniest part is that after he made the song and Danfo Drivers complained , he went to meet them to apologise but ignored me. In fact it was not until Danfo Drivers began to grant interviews to the press stating that Tekno did not inform them before releasing the song that he reached out to them after an event. Danfo Drivers are my friends and immediately the news broke that they had made peace with Tekno , I called them and asked why they did not tell him that I am the originator of Jogodo but they gave me some excuses and claimed that the singer did not give them anything. I am not dead, so why would someone want to take something I worked hard to get. I am the originator of Jogodo in the whole world. I am the only one that can tell people the real meaning of the word Jogodo. I heard rumours that Teckno paid Danfo Drivers N2m. As my friends I asked them if it was true and they denied it. When I called to ask them, they said that he did not give them anything than apology. They claimed that they sat down had some drinks chatted and took pictures. If they are lying, God is watching them because I cannot read their mind. I am the originator of Jogodo. Before I sang the song no one ever used the slang. It was due to the commercial success of my song that the word Jogodo became a slang. I just want Tekno to be remorseful and admit that he made a mistake. We are all human beings. I think he or his management is feeling pompous and I do not know why. Probably Danfo Drivers told them that they own Jogodo, I just don’t know. I would not drag him to court but I would still monitor the situation before I take a final decision. I know dragging him to court is the right thing to do because what he did is illegal but I would wait and watch to see if he would reach out to me . All I need from him is to give me money or we should do a remix of that song together for the world to know that I am the originator of the song.”

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