Friday 1 June 2018

My two years in jail wasn't a waste, I wrote 300 songs while in prison - Sauce Kid

New DMW act Sauce Kid, has said that he wrote over 300 songs while in the US prison. Sinzu said his two years in jail was not a waste as he used it to develop his lyrics .
Opening up about his experience in jail, the rapper stated that the experience had been quite a humbling one with him working in jail and being paid $16 per month. He said he had focused on his craft as he wrote over 300 songs and had recorded about 17 of them.

He said “Jail hasn’ t been all that bad. Truth is, jail has actually been quite productive. In my first year, I was locked up for 22 hours in a day, I wrote a lot of raps I wrote like 180 songs in my first year and another 120 in my second year.”

The rapper also stated that his comeback single, First day out of the Summer will be released very soon.

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