Friday, 1 June 2018

New MTV Shuga documentary titled 'In Real Life' will change the narration on sexual abuse

A new documentary on MTV Shuga titled In Real Life, is expected to put sex issues in perspectives that will give the public insight into the challenges of victims. 
According to a statement from the producer, while many TV series and movies have sometimes touched on the subject matter, none has really taken such a honest approach to the problem like MTV Shuga In real life.

The statement said “Here it’ s no acting, no script , no false depiction, just real life stories of people dealing with these issues that have plagued our nation. In this season the drama portrays a young girl being sexually abused by older men at a party and a young woman trying to make a career in music only to be raped by a senior figure in the industry

In MTV Shuga IRL, a young woman caught in the world of transactional sex tells her story of being drugged and abused .

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