Thursday 7 June 2018

#ThisIsNigeria: The Fela spirit needs to come back - Falz

As the drama about Falz' "This is Nigeria" video continue to drag and  the Hip Hop artiste has come out to say that Nigerians are ready for a return to the days of Fela Kuti, when musicians used their high profile to address political and social issues.
The video has racked up more than four million views on YouTube in just two weeks. The video highlights the widespread violence and corruption in Nigeria.

Falz said "I didn't foresee the magnitude of the response. This has really encouraged me to continue doing that, everyone is carried away with our entertainment and enjoyment of life and we forget that a lot of things are really happening here. There are a lot of things that we need to constantly talk about so that somehow there should be a recognition of this.People feel that the Fela Kuti spirit needs to come back."

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