Wednesday 13 June 2018

#Worldcupdate: Assistants referees won't raise flag for tight offsides

According to FIFA referees committee chairman Pierluigi Collins assistant referees have been instructed to keep their flag down for tight offside calls in Russia.
Collina says linesmen have been told to keep their flags down in order to enable the Video Assistant Referee (VAR) to make the correct decision. VAR will be used for the first time at the World Cup in this summer's tournament in Russia.

He said "If you see some assistant referee not raising the flag, it's not because he's making mistakes, It's because he's respected the instruction to keep the flag down. They were told to keep the flag down when there is a tight offside incident and there could be a very promising attack or a goal-scoring opportunity because, if the assistant referee raises the flag, then everything is finished. If the assistant referee keeps the flag down and the play goes on and maybe a goal comes at the end, there is a chance to review the goal using the technology."

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