Monday 2 July 2018

I am not bothered about people who body shame me - OAP Lolo

Last week popular actress and broadcaster Lolo  posted a picture of herself on  Instagram putting on a blue blouse, blue mini skirt and fishnet and added the caption, “Off to my plenty events tonight…”
As expected minutes after posting the pictures comments began to flow in and many of the commenters chastised her for wearing such an outfit, claiming that it wasn’t befitting of her status as a mother. Others also stated that the outfit wasn’t appropriate for her body frame. However, some followers also stood by her and lambasted those who spoke against the picture for body - shaming her.

Lolo however maintained that she wasn’t bothered about the comments. Speaking through her manager, Godwin Omadibi, she said “The truth is that she is not bothered about the comments that trailed the picture . For the people that tried to body - shame her, good luck to them. She just finished shooting her Yoruba movie . And she has also been working on some English movies . There is a lot of work to be done ; so , she is not bothered about hateful comments because a lot of people also admired her . She has already shared her thoughts on Instagram and she wouldn't speak about it again.”

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