Friday 6 July 2018

I felt stagnant and got lots of negative vibes with Cool FM - OAP Shine Begho

About a month ago, OAP Shine Begho of COOL FM who presented the morning show with Mannie as one of the angels on The Good Morning Nigeria Show quietly left the station.
In a recent interview she reveals why she left the station, saying "Cool FM no doubt was a great platform, I just wanted to grow with the platform and my brand, that was the plan,I had given myself two years and I would make a huge mark, but it was more than two years, I felt stagnant, growth was extremely slow. I don’t play politics. No matter how hard I worked to prove myself it felt like there was a negative force trying to take me down. So i thought to myself, is this the best place, is this all I can do?. In an organization where favoritism was the order of the day and I put in work. I needed a change. Things got worse after I got married, less than two months after getting married, I was told to go to move to Cool FM Abuja. My married life just started! I can’t leave my husband just like that! My position wasn’t considered at all even though I begged for management to see reason!It came across to me they didn’t care about my new life. They said my husband didn’t have a say in this decision and indirectly told me to choose between my job and my marriage. Of course I choose my marriage! It was not a hard decision to make, I have been taken for granted, I have been stagnant, it was time to make a change.I decided to man up and take a bold step, I quit."

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