Monday 23 July 2018

It took my parents time to deal with the fact that I'm lesbian - Charly Boy’s daughter Dewy Oputa says

The Internet was set ablaze when Dewy Oputa, Charly Boy’s daughter, revealed on social media that she is a lesbian. She made this known on Instagram during the week by sharing photos and a video of herself and her girlfriend.
Dewy has said that she shared the post because she got tired of hiding and decided it was time to live in her truth. 

She said “My mission for creating a lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer platform is to provide a safe place for youths in the African community. I strive to create an accepting and welcoming community where everyone is free to express themselves and be loved for who they are. I want a place where individuals such as myself can create authentic friendships and thrive as the person they were born to be. I can't pinpoint the exact age I found out about my sexuality, but I was much younger.

When I came out to my parents, it took them a while to adjust but my happiness comes first. I don't feel bad about the negative comments my sexuality post has generated. I knew Nigerians would always have negative things to say and I was mentally prepared for it. I'm not here to sway anybody's point of view; I'm here to bring awareness. ”

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