Sunday 29 July 2018

Koko Inu Iwe Iroyin, a popular Yoruba news program, is now being politicise - Taiwo Akinsola

Taiwo Akinsola, one of the pioneers of Koko inu iwe iroyin (major headline news) has said that many presenters are not keeping up with the major purpose of the programme.
The programme hit the air waves in 1999, with its captivating style of hinting listeners of the major points in the newspapers for that day as early as 6 am. During the week, the veteran broadcaster talked about the challenges he faced on the job and how the purpose of the programme is now being diluted by some presenters.

He said “Some people have politicised Koko inu iwe iroyin ; they have their own political parties behind their mind when they are reading it. When you listen to them , you can detect that they are biased in their Yoruba language interpretation. They are not following what I and Tajudeen Ajani Ojuelegba laid down when we started the programme. The whole idea was to inform the people about what is happening around them without sentiments ; it was supposed to inform people about the happenings around them globally and locally . Funnily enough , some people don’ t even know we were the ones that pioneered the programme.

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