Saturday 4 August 2018

Instagram comedian Charles Okocha says his dream woman must treat him like his mum treats him

Nollywood actor and comedian, Charles Okocha, aka Igwe Tupac, has revealed the kind of woman he likes to settle down with as life partner.
Okocha, in a recent chat revealed that he would eternally consider himself very lucky if he could find a woman like his mother; a woman who will treat him exactly the way his mother treats him at present. Okocha confirmed he has a very cordial relationship with his mum; that explains why he features her in his videos regularly. 

He said “I am still looking for that right woman; a woman who is going to love me for me, not just for my social status or anything; I don't want to get into any relationship that won't last. She should be there for me like a mother and a sister; she should be able to treat me the way my mum is treating me right now. I appreciate my mum so much; she has been very supportive, if I ’ m to come to this world again, I’ d still want her to be my mum.”

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