Tuesday 7 August 2018

#StoryTuesday is back with new story titled 'Berger To Ajah': here is the first episode (episode one)

Today we begin a new story series in our #StoryTuesday column. The story is titled Berger To Ajah and new episodes will be published on Tuesdays. Read episode one below:

Bimbo is a 25 years old single girl who scouts with her friend Felicia in Berger. She has been in the labour market hunting for jobs but so no luck and she has also been on social media searching for love but no luck too.

She is an introvert, if she is not going out for a job interview or probably forced by Felicia to step out, she enjoys staying at home pressing her phone. Her IPhone 7 is her life, she doesn’t put it down at all even when she is going into the toilet, this makes she and Felicia go at each other at times, with the phone in the toilet, she can spend an hour in there. 

She is not the quick tempered girl but when she gets upset, it’s like you are unleashing a monster, she gets very mad, screaming at the top of her voice just to drive home a point and she doesn’t forgive easily. When she gets very comfortable with you, she is someone you will get to enjoy her company and she is generous. 

With the correct make up, Bimbo isn't that bad but on a natural face she is just another 3/10 girl but her body structure is that of an hour glass, in fact its more than that, she is fully loaded both front and back, like D’banj will say, she is endowed, so that compliment her not-too-pretty face.  

It was her hips that got Felicia's attention, Felicia is one blunt girl, she says it as she sees it and the first time she saw Bimbo in her NYSC CDS, she didn’t waste time walking up to her saying “hey what’s up, this your hips ehn, na die there ooo, wish mine was like that”. Bimbo felt uncomfortable that she wanted to enter her skin, of course a lot of guys have always admired her physique and some even go as far has given her nasty comment like; “the juice for this your boobee go sweet gan”, “shey you go allow me ride this your hips way be like horse own” but because it was all from guys she will just ignore them but hearing a girl complimenting her the way Felicia did, she just felt very uncomfortable. 

Felicia could see it in her eyes which prompted her to laugh making the whole situation more embarrassing for Bimbo, who just walked away but not too far as Felicia caught up with her and said “didn’t mean to laugh at you but seeing how shy my compliment made you look, I couldn’t help, you too set make you dey  shy, if na me be you ehn, all the guys for this CDS for don die……” a bit of smile appeared on her face as Felicia was saying this. “……by the way my name is Felicia and don’t mind me I like to talk…….” and that was how their friendship started. After services she followed Felicia to Lagos. 

Next episode next week Tuesday

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