Saturday 11 August 2018

#ThisIsNigeria: I might sue NBC if they won't lift the ban on my song - Falz

Since Falz released the song, This is Nigeria, it has been shrouded in controversy with the latest being the ban placed on it by Nigeria Broadcasting Commission. 

During the week NBC Commission fined a radio station to the tune of N100,000 for playing the song.

Falz reacted by saying he felt the ban was ridiculous arguing that it was not a vulgar song but a socially conscious piece of art which addresses the current issues in the country.

Falz said , “There is absolutely nothing vulgar about the song and I think it is ridiculous that the Nigerian Broadcast Commission singled out the least vulgar line in the song and ascribed it to be the reason they banned the song. I do not know if the fact that some group wanted me to retract the song is linked with this new development but I know that there were a lot of messages in the song and it is hitting a lot of people in the wrong places and that is what is making them react in that manner. However, there was absolutely no basis for the NBC to ban that song. I am going to have to write to them through my lawyers to find out what is really going on. When I find out the reason behind the ban, I could ask them to lift it if need be and if they do not adhere to my request, I might have to seek legal redress.” 

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