Monday 13 August 2018

Viktoh explains why he went hard on a fan who ridicule his career

YBNL signee, Viktoh had an open confrontation with a social media user, who tried to ridicule him about his music career and in an attempt to fight back, he became very offensive and wished the young man a miserable death.
While speaking in a recent chat Viktoh stated he didn't intend to be abusive until the young man insulted his late mother. 

He said “The person said a couple of things on my page, including abusing my family and my mother. My mother died in 2009 and I cannot take an insult to her from anyone. I am a very quiet person and everyone knows. People always say celebrities don't reply to comments on social media but I always take my time to reply my fans. I think people want to take that for granted, forgetting that I am human too. It has not been easy coping without my mother because I was always running to her whenever I had issues. She died after an illness; I miss everything about my mother but my dad is still alive.”

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