Monday 10 September 2018

Eric Many manager warns promoters against doing business with Runtown

The drama between Runtown and his former record label is far from over as the label Eric Many has once again called out Runtown to stop deceiving promoters because the label still has a case against him in the court
Runtown was called out by Eric Many’s General Manager, Johnson Adumike who said ‘Runtown is a liar and he’s really desperate, he keeps dragging our name in the mud by telling all sorts of lies to show promoters that the law suit against him has been settled.This is a big lie. We have an injuction against him that says we should maintain status quo and the next court date is September 27th’ .

He also stated that recently Runtown, pulled a fast one on Martell  with the same lies and when we reached out to them to let them know the true state of things they were shocked. And also how Runtown collected 7,500 dollars from a promoter in Canada illegally and when we reached out to the promoters with copyright documents, Runtown absconded with the promoters money leaving Tanya Vanloo, a Montreal promoter to suffer’.

Johnson Adumike latter mention that, ‘We are speaking out now to let show promoters and media houses know that Runtown is a liar and we still have a case against him in court that’s scheduled to come up for hearing on September 27th ‘.

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